mystic knities a friends only guild.
If your looking for lvl 10 guild and know someone in mystic knities you should probably join us.
We were created by the extended efforts of our leader Jessbrit,our first officer Meonga,and our second officer Mukia.Mukia has since left the guild and made her own.Our current officers are Meonga and Troeoft.Our more promanent members are Vilmare,FireFlower,OceansDefender and mo-monee.We were created about a month ago and were lvled pretty fast thanks to constant dark profession dungeon runs made by our officer and leader.Others such as our dearly departed novabluff made good efforts in lvling the guild.In order to gain rank in our guild you have to gain 5000 exp for the guild to be a servant and 10,000 to be a defender.

If your interested in joining our guild pm me and i'll see what i can do.
My name on dofus is OceansDefender and you can contact me also by myspace
My myspace url is