Moon LightEdit

Moon Light is a guild formed on the server Rosal. The guild has been established on the 2/3/2012 by Scara-Destiny who forms as the leader so far. The guild is international and the chat is English-speaking only. We have both bonta and brakmar.


To get an invite you need to be level 60+, P2P (Subscribed) and active. The invites can be given by the following members:

  • Scara-Destiny
  • Lickmystick
  • Ceres
  • Naturals-Shadow

Guild ManagmentEdit

  • Leader- Scara-Destiny
  • Second in Command (SiC)- Chystemc, Lickmystick.

Ranking SystemEdit

To gather ranks you need both level and xp (given to guild) requirements which will be explained next:

  • On trial- Basic rank, earned when joining the guild. No rights, only default 5% xp to the guild (can be changed by talking to the leader or any SiC).
  • Traitor- Gathered when giving 2500 xp to guild. Level doesn't matter. 1st right, Manage your own xp contribution. Can place a perceptor but yet cannot recieve its' loot, at this step you learn where you can or cannot place a perc to make it survive.
  • Mascot- Earned after giving the guild 20000+ Must be level 100+. Plus to the rights added in the traitor rank now you can receive the loot from you own perceptor.
  • Apprentice- Earned after giving the guild 50000+ Must be level 100+. Able to invite new members.
  • Mentor- Gathered after 85000 xp is given to guild+ level 100+. Can use paddocks.
  • Murderer- Earned after giving the guild 100000 xp+ must be level 100+. Can recieve loot from other perceptors.
  • Protector- After giving the guild 250000 xp + level 100+. Now you get the right to be a main perceptor defender, and if you are trusful you get the right to manage guildmates' xp contribution
  • Chosen one- Rank for Alts only (after you have another main character in the guild). Get the rights of the main character.
  • Breeder- can be chosen for this rank if you are a breeder and you already have atleast the rank of Mentor. Gets the right to Manage paddock items.
  • Second in Command- Must be a trustful man who is connected to the guild leader. Have full rights.

* Members that are Lv, 175+ Will automaticly get the right to be the main preceptor defender.