A few of you veteran players may remember the old all-Enutrof guild from Rushu in the old days. We are not necessarily affiliated with those original members, although we would like to carry on the spirit here on Solar.

This is a laid-back guild where Enutrofs can gather, hunt together, and help each other level. Most of us are currently just getting started on Solar, but there are some experienced players here that have been playing Dofus for a long time, that can help you work your way up if you're having trouble leveling, figuring out what spells to boost, and so on.


Currently we only have two requirements to join:

1. Be a paid subscriber to Dofus. If you are playing for free, there really isn't anything you will be able to do with us anyway, so there really isn't a point.

2. Be at least level 26. We figure this is a good starting level for an Enu. Coins Throwing is the basic starting spell for a Chance Enutrof... if you can't get to this point, you won't really be useful in any of the hunts we go on.


Contributing experience to the guild, while appreciated, is not required. We do however apply a experience-based rank system, so if you would like to be given a more important position in the guild, you will need to contribute some sooner or later.


You may contact any of the following people in-game if you have an interest in joining us:

Crunchyoldman, Avotrix, Ganja-toker, Apathy, Brynna, Prizes, Geraldi, Geezermatic, Chippits