Monk is an Enutrof-Only guild. Its members are primarily Neutral and Brakmarian, with a few Bontarians as well.

Requirements for MembershipEdit

Must be an Enutrof. Being Enutrof-only guild was cause of guild's fall, many of members are just alternate characters used occasionally for dropping items. If you want such Enutrof to join, you must state it first, we will mark you as "Manufacturer".

Guild HistoryEdit

Originally founded by -Go soon after the beta. Some time in late 2005, -Go quit Dofus and ejected most of the members from the guild. Later, cheekychap was able to take over the guild and has been running it until around April 2006. He left Dofus not passing leadership to anyone. At 2/8/2006 enu named Tshance made attempt to take over guild by sending ticket, and was succesful. However, Tschance was not able to rebuild the guild and leadership has been placed in the hands of another.