Requirements and Rules Edit

  • Level 50 or higher
  • Good understanding of English (limit the use of chatspeak)
  • Be respectful and don't be rude (even to people who attack our percs :P)
  • Guild chat is not trading chat
  • Be active and help each other
    • If you're here just to have a guild, find somewhere else.
  • Respect our alliances.

Ranks Edit

We require a 5% xp donation minimum on a regular basis. If you have reasons you would prefer to be lower for a certain amount of time please ask and we will be glad to do so.

  • All alts are Nuissance (although not really a rule, try not to get too many alts in the guild.)
  • Everyone starts at Apprentice
  • Merchant: 10.000 xp
    • Place/collect percs
  • Initiate: 15.000 xp
    • Change your own xp donation
  • Guard: 25.000 xp
    • Invite new members
  • Protector: 40.000 xp

Paddock Edit

We have a 6 mounts, 6 items paddock. All members can use it to store in the shed and/or switch dragoturkey. Upon request we can give you rights to fit the paddock (if your rank is Protector), and we will change your rank to Breeder. Only the leader and co-leader can touch other members' dragoturkeys, although we do not necessarily have any reason to do so.

Information Edit

Note that this information is subject to change. If you have any questions or want to form an alliance, ask Asyana or Yero (second-in-command) in-game.


A list of current alliances for Mist. Please contact Asyana or Yero in-game for information.