Misguided Edit

The guild was originally formed by an Eca, whose name I can't remember, not too long after the Beta (although a few months). It was then bought by an Osa called Noughts (my former character) and then sold off again a few months later. It was probably actually bought by some friends from the same school and made into a functioning guild, as with the first 3 original owners it never really got anywhere.

(Added by Hells-Angel, former owner of the Misguided :P)

Misguided is a guild, mostly Bontarian, and was created by a group of friends from the same school during sometime around December, 2005.

Requirements Edit

Our guild will accept only 60+. But we won't accept people with a bad personality even if you are a very high level, levels aren't everything. To join, you must also be active in game and in , our guild forum.

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