The Mercenaries Creed

We will take your money
We will fight your fight
We will not enslave the free
Nor will we wrong a right

We will march under your banner
We will stand by your side
We will not tolerate ill manner
Nor will we stomach foolish pride

(Excerpt from "The Mercenaries Creed" by Padre)

History and Other InformationEdit

Mercs. Inc. was formed several years ago in another MMORPG called Ragnarok Online. The players became a close-knit group of friends from then onwards despite them leaving RO. However, in early October '06, "Rhy" began to play Dofus and after a day or so began to reform the guild by persuading her friends to return to the gaming scene.
Guild Goals 
To be able to supply whomever hires us with whatever they need. Bulk resources, items, and so on (For example, honouring orders of 1K recall pots). In the future, also to be able to hire out our members for dungeon runs etc. (We weren't kidding about being mercenaries!)
Most if not all our current members are in the GMT+8 region. English is the main language spoken. We are usually polite, although guild chat has its occasional bursts of profanity every now and then. Members are ~20+ of age.

Guild Requirements Edit

A good sense of humour, comradeship, patience, being active, and fair grasp of English. Oh, and knowing which sprite to attack on the screen is good too.

Prominent Figures Edit

Guild Leader 
High Council 
  • Padre
  • Kimmy
  • Wintry
  • SagittaMagica
  • Meia
  • Zok
  • Rei