Master Craft is a guild with a focus of primarily making and creating goods. The minimum requirements are level 30+ character and at least 2 professions. Exceptions to the level standards can be accommodated if an applicant has particularly high level professional skills. Minimum experience required to gain rank and access to house is 5000 xp within the first 2 weeks. Ranks will be given on the basis of performance. Some of the perks to joining are access to the house in Bonta and the merchants therein. Most resources sold there are at a discounted rate. For example bread, wood and grains are far cheaper. Must be a paying player to join. Must be willing to work hard to gain the rewards of a guild that will be fast growing. The guild has a current core of three capable administrators with full rights to assist you in anyway possible. The only other rule is no collector killing. No one enjoys being accused of killing someone else's collector. This is a banning offense. Other types of rude and crude behavior will be treated with a warning. If the offensive behavior continues loss of rank and eventual expulsion based on a vote of two out of three of the administrators. The guild is predominantly Bonta aligned however neutrals and Brakmarians are welcome to join keeping in mind that our current house is located in Bonta. For application please contact the guild's email at thanks for looking.