The History Of The Guild Marlboro:
Marlboro is created at 23-05-07.
The leader is known as bearded-guy.
Before it was leader in the only enutrof guild enutrof.

The Recuirements For Being invited In Marlboro:
-Minumum lvl 50.
-You must be active.
-Be nice to your guildmembers.
-Offer your help to others if they ask.

About Marlboro:
We are happy if you join us , cause we haven't got much members yet.
It's a active guild and we prefer if you are active too.
We are talking only inglish in the guild-chat cause every member can speak it and understand were we are talking about.
We hope this guild gonna be big and nice in the future and the members have a good time whit us.
Most of time the leader or second in command are onnline so you can ask your questions whenever you wanted to ask. <br? We will help you to lvl and crafting items.
If you need materials just ask!


  • on trial 0-2000 xp
  • apperentice 2000-5000 xp
  • protector 5000-10000 xp

for higher ranks ask bearded-guy please.
Hope you will join us and help to become a great guild!