Introduction Edit

Mangekyo is a fairly new and active guild on Rushu. Consisting of over 30 members, we can often be found running dungeons or XP hunting together. We may not be as "hard-core" as some other guilds out there, but we're friendly, daily active, and willing to help those in need.

For the Naruto fans out there, you've probably recognized the guild is named after a special ninja technique held by the Uchiha clan--Mangekyo Sharingan. But really, no one knows why this name came to be chosen seeing as none of us are die hard Naruto fans.

Members Edit

To us, it's not so much about level and ability, but attitude and atmosphere. We love guild chatter, and most of our guildies have an appreciated sense of humor.

Although we're an international guild, most of our members are located in GMT minus a few hours. Someone is usually always on though, considering the few insomniacs and two Japanese members who play frequently.

Ranking Officers Edit

Leader: White-snow - "i keep bleeding love"

SICs: Kose, Killerforlife, Napps

Guildies Edit

A list of our current lvl 50+ guild members updated as needed:

  • Fears-hold
  • Guardian-Death
  • Kose
  • Zuff - "OMG. today is 7/11! FREE SLURPEE DAY!"
  • Lostchild
  • Gaaraofthesand
  • Rift-clone
  • Yungkidghost - "brb i gotta poo."
  • Schnitzel
  • Boomasterz - "O.o u have a sister?"
  • Lx-Zoxs
    ...more to come, I'm just place setting for now.

Professions Edit

AlchemistsBoomasterz, Yungkidghost, Zuff
Axe Smiths
BakersKose, Zuff
Bow Carvers
Dagger Smiths
FarmersKose, Zuff
Hammer Smiths
LumberjacksBoomasterz, Zuff
Shield Smiths
Shovel Smiths
Staff Carvers
Sword Smiths
Wand Carvers

Recruitment Edit

Almost anyone with a good attitude is welcome to join, but being at least 50+ would help.

All new recruits induced into the guild will start off "on trial" at an XP donation rate of 0% until ranked. Also, all members will be set to a donation of 0% until the member reaches level 50. This is so low level members have a chance to catch up before contributing to the guild, but we don't mind setting the rates higher upon request. :)

Ranking Edit

Ranks and rights are set at the leader's discretion.

Guild Properties Edit

We are currently looking into buying a paddock. If you know of one, please let us know.

Rules of Conduct Edit

No assholes.

Some guilds restrict cursing. If you don't like cursing, turn on your filter, otherwise speech is free here. :)

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