Maharaja's Sticky Fingers was created by Astarte when Bubblegum Noir disbanded (the name of the guild comes from a Lithuanian punk/reggae band). Most of the ex-officers from Bubblegum Noir transferred to the new guild. We are a level 100 guild, the average level of our members is 181. We've got 7 guildhouses and a total of 10 paddocks.

We are looking for nice and friendly people. We are recruiting players of at least level 150, however exceptions can be made at times.

Just some rules Edit

  • The new recruit has to be at least level 150 (exception can be made at times)
  • There will be no "trash" talk inside nor outside guild
  • No trade messages in the guildchat
  • And, last but no least: When you have gained perceptor rights, you may have one perceptor per character.

Contacting usEdit

Would you be interested in joining us, feel free to contact onf of your officers as mentioned below.

Leader: Finger-Leader

Second in Command:

  • Polh
  • Ixora
  • ellabella
  • wizzyzor
  • Pokorny
  • Lekkerwyf