At one point Louvre only recruited artists, but we've recently have opened our doors to anyone that we think will fit in with our group of people.

Louvre is a guild aimed at recruiting artists, writers, and musicians who play Dofus. We help each other with our poetry, prose, or drawing styles if our members are seeking it, help promote one other with our individual projects, web comics, stories, etc., and are basically a support group to keep each other's motivation up. If you are an artist, writer, or serious art appreciator who wants to belong to a guild aimed at becoming the best in their artistic endeavors, join us.


There is no level requirement, and you can be either free-to-play or pay-to-play. We do not take members with n00b-ish names (example: xxxxxx---gokusanzcagf-----xxxx) or those who speak in "txt". We accept Mains and Alts.

For Artists

You should have a sample of your work somewhere (, webcomic, etc.) if you are an artist, or be actively penning if you are a writer. If you are a serious art appreciator, you will have a short interview.


Don't be a jerk, and never tear down anyone else's art. No matter how good you think you are, there will always someone better than you. We always have something to learn from one another.

Perceptor GuidelinesEdit

We don't attack allied percs; please contact a Louvre member if you would like to know who our allies are. Aggressions should be civil and basically equal or higher than your level. Anyone found voilating general Dofus rules or just being an all-around jerk will be kicked from the guild. All levels under twenty give no experience to the guild; those above give a base of 5%, unless they want to give more.


If you're interested in joining, please visit our forums and leave a message, along with links to your work, so that one of the officers can approve you.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our members in-game. For more information about us, try PMing *Grimme, *RynElectra, or *Hirokii