The emblem for Lotus symbolizes Bonta very well with its colors, as we proudly support Bonta and all of its recruits. We do not descriminate against Brakmarians outside of the main conflict of Bonta vs. Brak, but we do enjoy having Bontarians in our guild due to the easy access and trasportation as well as a quick run through to the paddocks. Lotus owns two paddocks [-58,2], [-24,-64] and Emblems two Astrub homes, though the respectable members of Lotus share four Astrub homes in total.

We have recently changed the standards for joining and thriving in Lotus:

  • Our ranks are based on XP given and activity in Lotus's forums
  • level 60+ to be recruited
  • Must be fun and active as well as patient and diligent; No descrimination whatsoever will be tolerated
  • 3% minimum given to the guild (lvl 19X can give 0%)
  • Zero tolerance for beggars, spammers, or bullies/rude and disrespectful people

Leader of Lotus:Edit

  • Zymeth : lvl 200 Bontarian Iop; Male; Strength based (further details coming soon)

The Secondary Leaders of Lotus:Edit

  • GonnyNawDaeThat: lvl 162 Bontarian Iop; Male; Strength/Vitality hybrid


  • SheepZombie: lvl 118 Bontarian Eniripsa; Male; Intelligence based

The Second In Command (2IC):Edit

  • Nyu-x lvl 137 Neutral Osa; Female; Int based

*** If you wish to join Lotus, then contact one of the Second in Command in-game. If your guild is expressing an interest in allying with Lotus, then you must also contact either the leader or one of the 2IC(Second in Command; Names listed above)