Howdy! Thanks for dropping by the Lost Souls home page. We are a relativly new guild and our main aim is to be the best and have fun doing it! We are a kind, sharing and welcoming guild, and do hope you will join us on one of our many activites. We help each other out as best we can and participate in group meets such as dungeons, etc. So all you lost souls out there pop a private message to our leader Noco or his right-hand-man, Pico if you wish to tag along.


All members will be able to assign how much experience percentage they are willing to give to the guild.

Immature behavior on the guild channel or spamming on the channel are a no no. If you have something sensible or useful to say, say it and when we have read it we will respond to it if we want to.

In-guild fighting on the guild channel? No! sort it out with the person with whom you have an argument, the rest of us are not interested and do not want to be drawn into it.

Other than that we are very much a very casual and relaxed group with 'an anything goes' and 'helpful' attitude. If you are a guild member of any rank you have a standard invite to all activity's, just rock up when you are invited.

Thats it! Just remember to have fun and play nice kids!