Lost Cause is a fun and active guild, that is very willing to help others out in times of needing it. Lost Cause doesn't necessarily want to become the most strongest guild in game or to have the most powerful and highets level people. Because of the name of this guild people tend to think that it is a 'lost cause' people in the guild do not tend to stoop to the levels of misjudgement of people/things and Lost Cause strives to inspire nice mature people to the guild.


Lost Cause was created not long ago, 25th November 2011. It may not be a very old guild but we have had members come and go, but that has not affected the way the Lost Cause has developed. The idea of Lost Cause was to not strive to be the greatest nor the most powerful quild on the Shika server but to be a fun and mature guild to where people can just enjoy a chat with other fellow members, to get help from fellow members and to make new friends and to benefit from what the guild qualities that are available.

Lost Cause does not have much of a history and has only had 1 leader, and only got created on the 25th November 2011.


As a guild we tend to inspire nice, mature people to the guild in which there shall eb no immature fighting and petty arguing, therefor people shall not get upset that fellow guild members are making there stay in Lost Cause unpleasant. We in Lost Cause aim to respect others in which makes a calm playing for other members.


If you wish to join the guild Lost Cause, you will have to contact a fellow member of the guild, as so we don't have a guild website yet where you can apply etc. The people you can contact are, Doubleluvium, Iudicium, Pokemon-psyduck, Zommable. And for any questions you may just ask any of the people I have mentioned.


We do not have any specific alignment, we accept brak/bonta and neutral.