Logik was created by Balin-isadude on 31/06/07, with an idea of a guild where every member is equal, no matter rank, level or age. inspired by the logo of a DVD player, the names is catchy and 'logikal'. Recruiting all members (preferably level 30+) we do dungeon runs constantly and hunts just to help a single player.

The CreationEdit

Balin-isadude was looking to make a guild, he was tired of average guild life and wanted to become the hot shot leader of the next up-and-coming guild. while i was doing a Gobball dungeon run with some of my old guildies and other friends, i met Iyop, currently the treasurer of the guild. we finished the dungeon and she mentioned that she had a guildalogem that she wanted to sell, I instantly took advantage of this moment and told her to sell it to my good friend balin, after some good 'persuading' she decided to do it. Thus the creation of the guild took place.


All members are active friendly and helpful. they are always up for dungeon runs and hunts, they are never rude and always stick up for a helpless noob, fellow guildies and any other that seeks help. All are equal in the eyes of a Logikite. All members have good rights at easy to reach xp places. We value our members because they are the life force of a guild. although we mostly require a constant 5% guild participation. if this is too low or too bad, we can change it, or give you rights to do it yourself.

The main members are:

Balin-Isadude (leader)

Myra (Second in command)

Iyop (treasurer)


Logik is recruiting mature, fun, active members who'll be kind, helpful and enjoy a good hunt. We recruit level 30+ but to the exception of respected guildies alt.s and friends. We enjoy players company and would like the diversity of many nations, all languages allowed, as long as there is a good understanding and speaking of the english language. If you want to join PM Myra, Balin-isadude, Iyop, or thedingeling, one of us will probably be on, if not, try again in a few hours. Thank you. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WE NOW ARE WANTING LEVEL 50+!!!


Currently unavailable, it is under construction, this wiki will be edited as soon as it comes into play.

Thank you. May all your decisions be graceful, helpful, and of course, logikal