Second in command Edit

the second in command people will be hand picked by the leader and does not want people requesting to be put up to second in command

Joining Edit

The minimum level to join is 25 except on special cases all classes are welcome and i hope to meet you in the guild some time i like having new people in the guild

you are required to state:

  • your real name,
  • be on minimum of 15% xp to guild ,
  • second in command 20% xp to guild,
  • you have to be nice,
  • be active,
  • understand english very well

Do not Edit

  • anger anyone in the guild,
  • spam,
  • or abuse anyone

people in the guild Edit

we have a few p2p people but we have f2p mainly the guild is open to anyone that wants to join we are a mixed alignment guild

we are currently making our website and hope that it is up and running soon.