Lill Neko's Paw was co-founded by Lill Neko and Bethybug, with Bethy as the leader. Both, however, were seen as the leaders until, in mid-2006, Neko left leaving Bethy in charge. The guild is now inactive; key players included Rilul, White--Hawk, Bakku, athrun, Bunny-ninja, shokozu, Reggole, and gothicCAt. Neko, although not officially in the guild, was quite frequently seen helping Bethybug out with the guild.

The minimum level requirement to join the guild is 30, and players must be good-natured and active. Lil Neko's Paw was a primarily English guild, and was a Mixed Alignment guild of Bonta and Neutral players.

The guild is currently inactive, with many members leaving Dofus entirely, or moving onto different guilds.

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