Les Legendaires Blancs Dragons was created September 2008 as a mixed alignment guild for a CRA interaction gameplay. It consist of only CRA.

Introduction Les Legendaires Blancs Dragons Edit

Precision, agility, and skill are the key words of that class. The disciples were before ordinary archers, but as their arrows were totally ineffective against more and more powerful monsters, their god Cra gave them a part of her power to make some adjustments. - Quoted from Cra's Information page on The Dofus Wikia [1]

As written above the CRA Guild - Les Legendaires Blancs Dragons - rely just on that; Precision, agility and skill. Our name translates into The Legendary White Dragons. The guild was created for a more active/interactive CRA gameplay experience.

History Edit

LLBD was created Sept 24th 2008, 19.00 GMT 0.



The Dragons are about respect for the gameplay and for the ppl that is conducting gameplay in dofus.


We don't aggress neutral players as that is not friendly nor do we gain anything by this. If aggressions by another player we accept this as it is a part of the game without any flaming or name calling, we do however support each other as one of us is aggressed. You are free to aggress any player if not an ally.


When recruiting u must make sure they are CRA. Anyone in the guild is allowed to recruit members, however only the higher ranked members are able to let them of the trial period.

Flaming or Using bad language

When in game u are not allowed to flame or use bad language since that will bring the game down.