Leader: Dead-Gabri Level: 66

Average Level= 49

This guild is for Quebecers. We try has hard we can.


It was created in 2007 with Dead-Angel(Now missquebec),Urianh(now Josee or yakumi) and Missqubec-boyfriend(now Dead-gabri but still playing with missqubec-boyfriend)

The leader quited for a year

He started to play again

19 may 2008 Ozzi-feca and XX-Freebird Kiked everyone and started a new guild ... how immature.... hopefully they ONLY are kids...

20 may 2008 Ozzi's guild is called La guilde du quebec(look at the name ) tried to put an error that his guild did on our guild (sorry watch-angel)

Second in commandEdit

Sendrine               Level:54
Davcool                Level:54
Missquebec             Level:41
Chip-Ordinaire         Level:41