About the guildEdit

The Konoha Ninjas were founded by Yuuhi-Kurenai because of his interest in Naruto. The Konoha Ninjas is from the program naruto, the name comes from the home village of the main character.


The guilds members are mainly Naruto/Bleach fans, most are between 30 and 50 at present, several members are friends of the leader and 'alt`s'.


All members are asked to maintain 5% exp tax but all members have the opportunity to change this as they wish; altering others' rights will result in having their rights removed temporarily (until higher ranks see fit).


Rank is determined on level for the most case, it is unusual to see more than 1 or 2 under 20's in the guild, so these are given the rank: On trial. Members gain ranks as they level ranging from Murderer to Protector, and are updated daily .