This is a Sacriers only Guild originally Created by Seriuos-Injury.

Requirements: Level 20 Sacrier

Bonus: Managing your own exp%, Collector's gatherings, placing collector, warm chat with Your own type of class and getting advice from them or giving advice to them...

Guilds Ranks lvl requirment(ForNow):

  • Officer +40 (all rights except Man.rights/boosts) {Trusted people}
  • Treasurer 38-39 (all rights except bannish, Man.rights/boosts/ranks)
  • keeper 35-37 (all rights except bannish, Man.rights/boosts/ranks)
  • Manufacturer 30-34(all rights except bannish, Man.rights/boosts/ranks)
  • Defender 20-29(all rights except bannish, Man.rights/boosts/ranks and kama colloecting from collector)
  • Servents (The servant class is not used in this guild)

This Guild is currently level 11

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