Don't let the Guild's name mislead you, we love animals :p

The Kitten Killers was originally founded by Overgrownsmurf - a powerful Sadida who's chores in the real life has taken up most of his time and has handed the care of the guild in my hands.

Here you'll find some basic guidelines and entry requirements to the guild.

Our basic requirement for entry is level 20, with exceptions to Manufacturers who can enter the guild at any lvl providing that they have a profession at minimum lvl 30.

Players at lvl 18 onwards may be accepted on approval until they hit lvl 20.

All defenders must be lvl 40+

Officers, Keepers and Treasurers are all hand picked according to lvl, time spent in guild, XP gained for guild and utmost importantly, attitude.

We are a friendly crowd and are willingly to take the time out to help and train new members provided timing allows, but we are not quite competitive as far as some of the other guilds go.

Players who believe that the only reasons to join a guild is to take advantage of having higher lvl members to back up or to benefit simply from having collectors should really look elsewhere because that really is NOT what we're about.

We enjoy having company and like doing things together as much as possible. So feel free to contact any of our members if you are interested in being a part of a guild with members from all different walks of life, age and background.

We hope to see you soon, and meanwhile have fun!