KeroSene do dungeon runs, item hunts and leveling together. Higher level people help lower levels to level up. Resources from perceptors will be used to help our guild members to level their professions.


We are a new guild (currently level 8 and growing). We are seeking level 30+ to join our guild, but you can join as level 20+ but will be On Approval until you reach lvl 30. You should be active, team player, English speaking(understandable english, not perfect),

If you want to join our guild, whisper MrMonster or Heco, or you can leave your IGN on our forums and we'll contact you in game.


On Approval: All lvl 20+ character who have not reached lvl 30 and new members. No rights at this point. EXP donation 3%.

Servant: Lvl 30+ and 24 hours in guild. right to manage EXP donation. EXP donation 5% at this and higher ranks.

Defender: Lvl 35+ and 1 week in guild. Rigths: manage EXP donation, place a collector, Invite new members with permission frem leader or officers.

Manufacturer: Lvl 50+ profession. 1 week in guild. Rights: All above + place collector and collect resources/items/kamas from collector.

Keeper: Lvl 50+. 2 weeks in guild. Many rights.

Treasurer: Lvl 90+ profession or lvl 60 character. Rights: same as as above.

Officer: Hand picked. All rights except Bannish, Manage Rights and Manage Boots.