NOTE: this guild does no longer exist as far as I know, yust I wont change this page..
it brings back only memories of noob days.. it was fun (gosh.. long ago I seen this page... :/ Lili)
To all who might remember me, this is CrowArcher, a member of Kawaii. The reason Kawaii has been lost was because lili, bless her kind heart, gave one too many banning rights and every single person in Kawaii was kicked out. Later, Lili invited me again and we tried to rebuild the guild. Our efforts were in vain, however and Lili decided it was time to move on and entrusted the guild to me. After trying some more to rebuild the guild, I left the guild and remained guild less for much time. Currently, I am in Compassionate Blue Sky, owned by Passionate, a former Kawaii member.

Let the story of kawaii teach all guild leaders a valuable lesson.

Lili speaks,

A guild with mainly neutral members and a few braks and bonta's to,

the guild was created by me and imlfrasse but he left to make his own guild "she's vampire"

Some of the main members are:

lileca "lili" me, the guild leader(other carr 'lazina' was leader before)

SodinaD "sodi" my dear friend who i realy couldnt miss ^_^

paramedyk-PL "para"(member of former guild "toigu")

-Buffy our artist ;)

The guild was supposed to be build up by the former members of "toigu",

But sadly enough most members of that guild joined different guilds or stooped playing...

"Kawaii" means "cute" in Japanese. The idea to name it kawaii came because sodi likes saying kawaii and I thought it would be a kawaii name for a guild ;)

if anyone is interested in joining try to PM any of the above mentioned members ^^

being nice and helpful is more important than your level, although we could use some high level's to protect our perc ;)




(logo's made by Buffy)