Information Edit

Karma Police is a fairly new guild. The main members in the guild, or the players that started the guild are: Pestle (Feca level115) (currently on a leave of absence), Roshambow (Cra level90) (leave of absence), and Heirophant (Sadida level60) (Current goto guy)

There are 1X other guild members that are mostly higher than level 25.

To join, we would like you to be level 10 or better, speak English, with p2p being preferred, though not necessary. we are very active, and as such, would like most people to be on often as well.

We try to only recruit players who are online a lot. This makes hunts and stuff a lot easier for the rest of the guild.

Where to reach us Edit

You could reach us by private messaging any of the characters listed above or go to our MySpace account which will be listed here later since it is under construction.

P.S. Edit

We are in no way a "sister" guild to the guild Karma.
We are our own guild.