KINGS-EMPIREwas established earlier this year, and since then has been growing in size, strength and teamwork. We take on young and new adventurers and turn them into fine warriors, however we are a Ecaflip-only guild. We like to deal with the furry side of adventurers, we like to provide the training only experienced Ecaflips can provide. Our main goal is to help new adventurers into the world of DOFUS, and help them to be successful crusaders. We are a growing guild, so if you do decide to join us, it is classed as a permanent recruitment although we will not keep you under force, if you wish to leave you may.

Ranks Edit

Our ranks are managed fairly, and there are certain requirements for each one. Leader= only one, and thats King-Mega. He decides who the leadership is passed to if he retires etc.

Officer of KINGS-EMPIRE = Lvl 40

Treasurer of KINGS-EMPIRE = lvl 30 and profession lvl 20+

Keeper of KINGS-EMPIRE = lvl 30

Defender of KINGS-EMPIRE = lvl 20

There is no On Approval or Servant rank, we like to get you into the heat of things

Requirements Edit

We want you to be lvl 15+ to join and, be willing to at least give 1kk to guild by a week, to show you are loyal and etc. You must also have a regular attendance of 1 a week, unless you tell any guild member with Keeper rank or above in a few days notice.

We hope to see you soon.