Guild Info Edit

Jokes is a interactive Dofus guild mainly focused on helping and leveling players. Jokes provides a joyful environment for members to have a fun and make new friends.

Guild Rules Edit

1. Must Be P2p

2. Must Never Curse On Guild Chat (Consequence are possible)

3. Rudeness is not tolerated

4. Money Contributions can rank you up

Ranking Edit

Leader: No-Joke

Second in Command: 100,000 exp and my Trust!

Treasurer 90,000 exp

Protector 80,000 exp

Craftsman 70,000 exp

Reservist 60,000 exp

Servant 52,000 exp

Guard 49,000 exp

Scout 46,000 exp

Spy 43,000 exp

Secretary 40,000 exp

Pet Killer 35,000 exp

Treasure Hunter 30,000 exp

Thief 25,000 exp

Murderer 20,000 exp

Governer 17,000 exp

Chosen one 12,000 exp

Recruiting Officer 7,000 exp

Apprentice 5,000 exp

On Trial 2,000 exp before you can advance

Events Edit

1. The first event that we have is the LOTTERY!


1. Each ticket is 5kk

2. You can buy 10 tickets in total

3. The Guild will get 25% of the Lottery that you win to help get paddocks and houses.

4. The lottery can range from 50kk-100kk Right Now!

5. Just Have Fun.



1. You Must Be In The Guild!

2. You Will Get a Prize Ranging From 10kk-50kk

3. The prizes will vary for what type of fight you do.

1. Team Fight

This fight is when you are teamed up with someone in the guild. Just so you know you dont get to choose you partner but it will be so that the teams will be fair. There Will be a score board so we know who will win each fight. If you are the winning team for this Fight you will get a prize ranging from 30kk-40kk.

2. All Or Nothing

This fight is when everyone who joined for this fight are put together. This fight you can only have 16 people join. There will be 8 Blue and 8 Red while you are sort of on your team you can still kill them. This fight you win when you are the last man standing. Ex. Say your team wins with 4 people still alive. Then your team is split up into 2v2 and you guys will need to fight each other. You will need to keep doing this untill you are going 1v1 or there are only 1 of you left. If you are the winner of this fight you will get a prize ranging from 40kk-50kk.

3. 1 For all

This fight is when you play 1v1. Its will be recorded on a Score Board. If you win after this fight is over you will be able to get a prize from a range of 10kk-30kk.