Chuck Norris. On the 9th of march 2011. Gave birth to a Soulstone.

Account-Avenger looked into the Stone. And the stone looked back into him.

Jesus Was Soulstoned was then Created.

Loads of people flocked to join our guild, the one to be the best. There ever was. Using the power of this soulstone the guild had already reach level 20 in a matter of a couple of weeks.

So, now onto perceptors. Doomed? Zero-light? Babylon? Pimp Slayers elite? Weve taken all your percs down. And dont you worry ladies and gentlespoons. YOURS IS NEXT. Hehe :D If we dont win its because we let you get your hopes up so we can crush them again. (True story!)

Our average level is always above 100. No matter what. And usually above 120/130.

So, with special thanks to Ac, Kab, Mazuri ;D, Kri, Null and However else is in our guild. We Are the best. None of this soppy bullshit of how were all close, we just rock, Like geologists :D (if you dont get the joke your stupid.) So, As you can see from the retarded but awesome description, we take no shit. We invite players, and we form an amazing perceptor defence team ;D There isnt no dungeon or hunt that we wont try to do ^^

So, good luck getting in! Places fill fast hoes ;D


Guild Level 31 and rising ^^

ALOT of active members

Leader : Account-avenger (Sucks cock.)

Second in command : Mazuri + (Finally) Null Hunter ( <--- Sucks nipples)

Treasurer : Raape-child & Kriugeris (Pure lesbians)

Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm Hessius (Sex on legs.)

---- And Yeah here are the annoying rules everyone has been waiting for ----

Our Guildies

Our minimum level to join is now 100 , but don't expect to stay long if you don't fit the 2 points below:

  1. Don't be annoying. (this includes chat spamming, begging for items/perc rights, and not respecting others)
  2. P2P is recommended and active is a must.