"Invictus." Latin, meaning: unconquered, unconquerable, undefeated.

About InvictusEdit

Formerly Bloodlust of Eden, Invictus is a resurrected guild of mixed and neutral alignments located on the Rushu server.

After being gone nearly a year and a half with familial issues, our leader is back with every intention of pulling us back through the ashes and into greatness. We are even more selective than before to ensure that our guild remains a powerful but above all close-knit group of friends.

We strive to be a community of (fairly) mature members, and a friendly, caring environment by helping each other whenever possible.

Our goal is to eventually spread the message by reputation that you do not mess with Invictus members. We will fight to provide our guild members with immunity to drama. Foremost, our guild is for helping each other and companionship.

Apply now to have the protection and companionship of the elite.

  • We retain the right to swear like sailors when we are mad.
  • We retain the right to have a guild free of annoying members.
  • We retain the right to donate as much XP as we damn well want.
  • Why should alignment matter in a guild? We don't care what alignment you are.
  • It's your guild, of course you can use the paddocks.
  • We always provide keys for dungeon runs and we do them frequently.
  • We attempt to provide potions, resources, and bread for our members whenever possible (subject to availability).
  • Ranks decided by XP, prowess, and loyalty.

Active players only; Now accepting level 100 & up - we will keep raising this limit We prefer our members to be aged 18 or older.


We are a very active guild and are always doing dungeons and hunts throughout every day. We do almost everything as a group. We will always provide keys for guild dungeon runs when needed, and we do our best to compensate you on bread you may lose due to our having a weeee bit too much fun in said dungeon runs. ^.-

We're fun-loving, we goof off, we're sarcastic and caustic; but we are having a good time.

Our Rank SystemEdit

We want to make as many different types of ranks as possible, so that you are not hindered by your level or required to donate XP in order to attain a rank. We will eventually once again have many different ways to achieve ranks - By loyalty, by level, by servitude, or by XP.. However at the moment users are sorted in rank according to their level in increments of 10 so that we can see at a glance who needs the most help achieving our levels. Officers and craftsmen are the exception, for their contribution to the guild they are placed prominently - and also to help those needing something crafted easily see at a glance who is available to help them.