Well this guild was made because we thought it was time to make this guild!We thought we might name it Temptation but someone else had taken that name from us sadly.So we decided to call this Guild Institution.

Post a comment on the page Talk:Institution if you have a comment about this guild!(leave your in game name too so we know who you are).

Requirements Edit

Well we thought well make it +20, this is a Mixed alignment Guild,so all +20 are more then welcome to join Institution!You can pm these people in game: King-Xelor (leader) badaking (officer) Defensed (officer)

Guild Info Edit

Well as you guys know this is a new guild,so all i can say is that this is a very friendly guild,active members so if you need help you can ask anyone,and I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping you!

Ranking Edit

On Approval (new members +20) Servant (showed they will be a good guild member) Defender (+25 given reasonable amount of xp!)
Treasurer (+30 only 2) Keeper (+35 only 1) Manufacturer (+40 good profession lvl)
Officer (hand picked) Leader (if Leader leaves place given to officer)