Inquisition is a guild known from the Rushu (level 54) and Rosal servers. Now it's time to play together on Solar! Our team is experienced (most of us played on the other servers before) and very active when it comes to PvP combat.

About UsEdit

Inquisition was found at the early stage of [Rushu] existence. Bunch of 'gob set' friends splashed their money for a guildalogem, which was worth 400kk! After few years of fun our logo started being recognizable. We achieved guild lvl 54 and created a very nice team of close friends. Our main fun is PvP'ing, so we had a lot of big wars in our history. We were very active in 'beetwen guilds' relations, which gave us solid truces with guilds like Einherjar, MonsterBeneathYourBed, and Critical Failure. We have also a nice team on Rosal server (including a lot of 100+ lvls). A lot of our friends who were with us since few years already retired with Dofus. That's why we stopped our activity at Rushu. Those who are still active made Inquisition on Solar server.

Perceptor RulesEdit

You place it, you own it. So if you take something from someone's perceptor without his/her approval, you will be kicked from the guild and will die over and over and over again until we get bored of killing you. Our perceptors are well boosted, and the number of spots is still rising.


Our Solar team is very perspective and talented;) We have pretty strong crew, with a lvl 80+ after first week of server existence. We love to defend percs, so we are placing a lot of them. After first week on Solar we are trying to collapse our whole and big team;) All that we are expecting from new members is: English language at /g, level 40+, and professional and mature behavior. (Ex-Inquisition members (from Rushu and Rosal) and Ex-Einherjar members (from Rushu) are welcome on any level.) Don't wait, join us today!

To get inside PM: Metaxa, Krespo, Magic-Aribaa, Davion, Evident