Inquisition is a guild on the Rushu server. We have a strong in-guild economy and are very active when it comes to PvP combat... Our chat is not for kids, we talk a lot of dirty things (sex, drugs and alcohol), so you have to be adult enough. We don't care how old are you, only important thing is how do you act. Sadly, months ago, most of members left, so guild was almost dead. We rebuilt it and are with 93 members.

We have solid truces with:

    • Flying Daggers, Einherjar, The Heroes and Insomnia

Perceptor RulesEdit

  • You place it, you own it.
  • We place 4 percs around astrub and leave the others 3 to who really needs.
  • Don't place percs inside dungeons, only 2 can defend and 8 can attack.
  • Don't forget to collect your perc before you logout. Our perc number is limited and eventually someone will need to place one.
  • If you take something from someone's perceptor without his/her approval, you will be kicked from the guild and will die over and over and over again until we get bored of killing you.


  • We allow only officers and trusted members who have been with us for quite a long time to have invite privileges.
  • If you'd like to join, find an Inquisition member and have them ask the guild if you're acceptable.
  • We are currently only recruiting people above level 120 and level 100 to friends. If you're an ex-member we would be happy to have your alt in.

Our leader and officers are:

    • GojiBerry
    • White-Trapper
    • Chun-Lii
    • Iscariot
    • asza
    • phyho
    • -Ecaflip-WoWo-

Hall Of FameEdit

You can ask: What Inquisition can offer to me? The best and most important answer is: Great atmosphere and lot of laughs!!

Here is the list of our greatest ppls (our best friends): UnitedSomeone Blanka Tandi GojiBerry Marihunaka ShieldSlash old-klan (left) Sign (back online :) DestinyXY (Retired) Cheperez Nemui (left) TaviRider/Crecia El-Queyle Auhydride (left) Iscariot ragereaver several Finish ppls (Yakul, Osamondas, -Heppatytta (left), UrielTheArcAngel (left), Moneytrof (left).......)

We had/have great time with Them! Big thx for all You did!