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Last updated 11.4.09

Like Inquisition (solar) Inquisition on Rosal was founded by former members of Inquisition (rushu). We are a very active, PvP orientated guild with a lot of high level players.

About usEdit


The original Inquisition was founded on Rushu by Marihuanka in the beginning of existence of the server. Rosal guild was founded by Han-Siela in September 2007.

We keep PvP traditions of the old Rushu guild.


General rulesEdit

  • no spamming/begging in the guild's channel
  • no scam

XP donationEdit

  • 5%
  • 1% if you are levelling your character in particular for something

Rights and ranksEdit

There is no special rules for obtaining the rights except one - we should get to know you first.

Ranks are given by Leader or officers according to members' activities, donated xp, helping guildies, and contributing to guild.

Guild's propertyEdit

We have 2 paddocks and 3 guild houses and looking to buy third, big paddock.



  • level 70+
  • mature attitude
  • decent english

Recruitment contactsEdit

Hansidlo - Leader of the guild
Pandelirium - Recruiting officer
Blucat - Muse

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