Hello ! This is Inferno Flame.Edit

We are Active Doing Xp, We are spaking alot and Joking , but sometimes Dramas too and we are Guild who dont

like bad language. We Strickly Keeping Guild Rules ! We Respect Rules. Rules are No Bad language if u do it in day 3 times U will be kicked ! No agro Guild members ! we are doing xp but not all day , so no recruting like noob all day long, like when we gonna do that.. and that.. . When members will be on we will Vote about wath dung we will do !

Also ! We are helping guildies with Hunts ! U Need somthing u ask ! Guild Chat not a trade chat , so dont show the items in it. We are taking 80+ members , with p2p ! we realy can take lower lvls too but than u need to be Wery Sweet cuz u re low and u cant get to all xp ! We are doing dungs and souls sometimes. U are inactive more than 20 and more days u will be kicked ! Also if u dont make a petition u will be back !

Ranks/Rights: First when we invite u Become Guard u gain 20kk and u can be some ranks and rights up ! and like that always u gain 20kk xp u are again Rank up !

Invite into guild can all guild members ! U Just ask.

Leader Of Guild Is Hexagon , Guild Lvl 16 and Garowing , Avarage lvl is 84 ! We re taking Pepoples from both Aligment !

Members alrdy is 23.

Server Rushu !