Indigo Prophecy is currently a well-off, level 2x guild with 30+ awesome and active members ranging from Level 20 to Level 199.

Rulez: Edit

  1. Do NOT agress/mess with fellow Guildies or Alliances
  2. You must be level 25+
  3. Be kind, caring, and fun to be around
  4. If you cause problems before, or during your residency, you will be warned or kicked
  5. I wouldnt lie when I say we're one of the most nicest/funnest guilds out there. We love to do lots of Dungeon Runs and/or Soul Stones.

How to join Indigo Prophecy: Edit

  1. Try to find Nallyoh or someone that is capable to add you
  2. Ask us, and either we will add you, or we will ask someone who can
  3. If you have a BAD REP with us, Chance, or another Alliance, please don't even ask
  4. Rules and Alliances will get told to you right before you join, so you'll know whether to join or not.

Alliances: Edit

As far as I know, the only Alliances we have are.......

Paddock/Guild House: Edit

We currently have a paddock