Leader Edit

Like many other guilds Illuminatus is run by a council who make the final decisions towards the guild


  • Yiggy
  • Legendary-warrior
  • Shem
  • Starslayer

Guild Entry Edit

  • Minimum level 40 for new entrants.
  • Contributions to guild xp is set at 10% minimum after a periode of time with us.
  • To join you can just send a message to one of our members who will tell you to pm someone with the right to invite. 
  • Or you can send an email to with your characters name,level and class and our recruiting officer will send you an invite.
  • Or you can check out our forum at

Guild Training Program Edit

Illuminatus offers a training program to all levels and is run by the council. The Training Program is designed to help level any levels by dungeon runs, XP hunts,... All applications for this program are sent to our Second in Command.

Guild Ranks Edit

Each rank earn by each member will be awarded with a gift which can go from a gobtubby to a livitem set

Rank Guild XP Donation Details and Rights
On Trial None New entrants to guild.
Apprentice 100
Initiate 2000-5000 Distribute XP
Guard 5000-8000 Invite new members
Reservist 8000-10000 Manage the distribution of exp
Protector 10000-45000 Manage ranks
Treasurer 45000-100000 Manage the mounts of other members
Second in Command XP Donation is decided by Guild leader Rights decided by Guild Leader and Shem Voted by the council to become a council member
Leader Yiggy

Guild Prizes Edit

  • 10 000xp = Gob set
  • 25 000xp = Prespic set
  • 40 000xp = Dofus
  • 100 000xp = Jellix set
  • 250 000xp = lvl 100 mount of your choice
  • 500 000xp = Pink Dragoone
  • 750 000xp = Livitem set
  • 1 000 000xp = House
  • 1 500 000xp = 1.5mk
  • 2 500 000xp = Moowolf set
  • 3 500 000xp = Soft Oak set
  • But there are many other prizes to be won and not only by xp ernt but by solving some riddles the leader somthimes poses.


Guild Chat Edit

  • No spam selling (or offers to buy resources cheap) in guild chat.
  • Keep fight chat in group chat please. It doesm't mean anything to other guild members if they are not in the fight.

Guild RelationshipsEdit

We keep a close relationship with the guild Reflection.

Guild History Edit

Illuminatus was created by Yiggy on the 01/06/09. Illuminatus is the plural of the word Illuminati in Latin which means "enlightened". Yiggy's idea was to make a society more than a guild, a society that would help one another in any problems they might encounter during their stay in Illuminatus.

Guild Houses and Paddocks Edit

Well it's Illuminatus's two month annerversery and we now have a house in sufokia and a paddock in bonta.

Only tree more guild levels till we can have another house and paddock.

Congratz to all guild members!