Ilegal Threat is a mixed-alignment Guild founded in September 2009 by its current leader Fecslord. Currently the Guild is not accepting members of any level or class.

Introduction Edit

History Edit

In September, 2009 the Guild Ilegal Threat was founded.

Requirements Edit

Before the rule of not accepting members was passed (25/9/09).

Level Edit

  • Minimum level 100

Class Edit

  • Any class is accepted but fecas, enis, osamodas and xelors are preferred

XP Edit

  • Must give a minimum of a 3% for the Guild
  • Or what the Guild Leader orders

Other Edit

  • Must speak English

Recruiting Edit

Recruiting History Edit

  • In September, 2009 the Guild accepts any member
  • In September 25, 2009 the Guild is no longer accepting members (temporarily)
  • In September 26, 2009 the Guild permanently expells the player Sweet-hot