Icy Heroes is owned by Tarquin-Mitzi. The guild was originally created as "Icy Heros," but then deleted and changed due to misspelling.

The guild has almost never any collectors but several members of the guild have the right to place one.


To join Icy Heroes you have to send a message to Tarquin-Mitzi or an other member of the Icy Heroes. You have to be atleast level 35 to join. Being active is recomended.


Rank Required level Required exp Donating Exp notes
Leader 124 250.000 1% Tarquin-Mitzi is the leader.
Officer Any Any 2% You have to show great interest (this is not daily whining) and gain the leader's trust.
Guide 70 20.000 3% Improved version of Mentor. Might devote time into helping guildies fight monsters, acuire items, etc.
Treasurer 60 10.000 3% Creates and collects collectors (shares items if people drasticly need them)
Murderer 100+ 10.000 3% Higher then Protector.
Protector 75 5.000 4% Higher then Guard. Automaticly gains collector rights if she/he didn't already have them.
Spy 60 25.000 5% Higher rank then Scout. Has character's in other guilds to spot collector's and guild actions.
Governer 60 20.000 5% Improved rank of Diplomat. Enforses all rules.
Muse x x 6% Gives inspiration to the guild, a great example.
Guard 65 2.000 6% Higher then Reservist.
Manufacturer 40 1.000 7% High leveled crafter OR (low) leveled gatherer (usually a baker)
Diplomat 55 8.000 7% Improved rank of Counsellor. Makes sure there won't be any fights between members.
Reservist 55 1.000 8% Higher then Apprentice.
Mentor 60 10.000 8% This rank helps around the people in the guild. (Not to confuse with "gives away free items".
Counsellor 50 4.000 9% Improved rank of Secretary. Recruits people above level 50.
Scout 50 750 10% Check's lairs, seeks collectors.
Secretary 45 2.000 11% Improved rank of R.O. Gives messages from people to other people in the guild. Recruits people above level 40.
Apprentice 45 500 11% Higher rank then servant. no special rights.
Recruiting Officer 40 1.000 12% This rank recruits people above level 40.
Servant 30 0 13% Generic Rank
Chosen One x x x Tarquin's other character. Unused rank (really).
Breeder 0 20.000 0 This rank devotes time for raising mounts. (unused yet)
Merchant 0 0  ? The person who has this rank will buy/sell stuff for the guild.
On Aproval x x x Rank used for just invited members.
Deserteur x x 70% Inactive
Nuisance x x 80% Shown to be sorry for his/her actions.
Penitent x x 90% Scum of the guild.
Torturer  ?  ?  ? Unused rank


Rules don't exist without exceptions, exceptions don't exist without rules.

  1. Respect.
  2. No spam.
  3. No scam.
  4. Type out your words.
    1. exception: if your in a hurry.
  5. No collecting from other people's collector's.
    1. exception: unless the owner gave you permission.
  6. Don't be a crazy catchball (aka , try to go to the limit, these rules are very flexible)
  7. Be polite.