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This guild was made in christmas time by floride, the fantastic feca. The guild is currently lvl 5, but is slightly evolving ^_^. We recruit level 10+ at the moment, but exceptions can be made. If you want to join, whisper floride, blood-eca-storm or noxulux. You must start with 15% xp given to guild, and when you get 1k xp or more, ask floride to put your xp to what you want.


  • Lvl 10+
  • Bonta or Neutral
  • Be as active as possible
  • Have fun! ^_^


Leader: Floride
Right-Hand Man: 40+ and 1k xp given
Treasurer: 22+ and 1k xp given
Protector: 20+
Reservist: 17+
Servant: 15+
Guard: 13+
Spy: 10+

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