Horde of Demons was created on the 16 on June 09, by the players Catsz and Alezrex. HoD its a mixed alignment guild, with both bontarians, brakmarinas and neutrals.

The creator of the guild is Catsz, but they are both considered as guild leaders.

Our main requirement is being active, and level 50+.

To become a bigger rank, the requirement is that you understand Romanian. Thats just for a better start and more rights, but the players that donate a lot of xp get bigger rank and even more rights.

Switching to Romanian:

HoD este un guild nu foarte vechi, dar deja are nivelul 11 1/2. Perceptorul nostru are toate vrajile la nivel 1. Cel mai mare membru din guild esti Intboss, un iop de nivel 64.