Welcome HOME!Edit

We're about quality not quantity. We don't want to be the guild with the most members, we want to be the guild with the best members. So attitude, cooperation, and friendliness are a must.

About us

HOME is a Dofus guild, found on the Shika server. It was created with the idea of coming together for the simple enjoyment of the game.


Admission to this guild is currently set at level 80. We encourage activeness and a sociable personality. We like to see our members progress physically as well as in their profession.

HOME is not for you if:
You’re in it just for the perks, house and paddocks.
You’re going to be begging members for kamas and gear.
You're just a prick of a kid. (...sorry cant stand internet tough guys, so spare me.)

Sticking around

We want as many active and friendly members as possible. Because of this, there are rules to remember.
Don’t be offensive to other members.
Have some honor, don’t drag our name through the mud.
No scamming, guild members or other wise. There's enough scum out there.
No begging.
Stay active.