The Holy Chickadees

Holy ChickadeesEdit

Holy Chickadees

Holy Chickadees is a guild focused on supporting its members through hunts and cooperative leveling. We encourage giving exp to the guild, but we do not require it after you have given a certain amount. Most of our members are between lvl 20 and 70, at this point we are recruiting any level p2p player above 30.

Our Goals:Edit

To have an international guild that welcomes all players. We want to bring people together from around the world. We want a guild with it's members to help and support each other as they progress through the game. This is why we welcome any player with good intentions.

Official Guild Languages:Edit

Primary language is set as english. Second language accepted is spanish.

Guild Ethics:Edit

Every guild member may set their own guild experience, and rights are cumulative. The more guild experience given will earn you more respect in the guild.

  • please say hello when logging on to the guild to let us know you have logged on (not mandatory but it's nice to know who's on).
  • spamming and cussing kept to a minimum (but we understand if you get a bit flustered at times, Dofus does have it's moments and if you want to sell something just let us know don't keep repeating it because we've heard you the first time).
  • There is also no in guild aggression.(but we obviously can't stop you if 2 members agree to fight each other, otherwise it's not allowed, or you will get banned.

Contact info:Edit

  • Contact any of our members and we will invite you, if you meet the requirements, as soon as possible.

Other info:Edit

  • Enlightened Warriors (the guild) has joined our ranks!


Looking for Fresh Recruits!

Date(D/M/Y) News
17/10/06 Paddock now available.
19/10/06 Rights to Paddock given
19/10/06 The site has been translated into Spanish (poorly)
20/10/06 EXP requirements have been lowered 10 fold
26/10/062 ginger dragonturkys have been added (thanks to Karah)
0/00/00 test Of MIGHT JOIN NOW (YHBT)
2/11/06 Jaiky has left us we mourn our loss
2/11/06 souzenkan has left us we mourn our loss
0/00/00 My god why is everyone dieing! But we like this?
5/11/06 paddock rights have been revoked due to complications
7/11/06 2 breeders have been made (alts that just sit)
7/11/06 1 breeders has been made (alts that just sit)
8/11/06 Due to Russian conspiracy our glorious leader has lost his computer!
16/11/06 Our glorious leader has regained computer control and is now in process of returning the favor
16/11/06 It has been decided that karah shall be a new officer!
17/11/06 The site has been pimped out
17/11/06 The rights have been clearly defined
17/11/06 The "new" template has been implemented & the edit buttons don't work so don't try it.
29/11/06 Enlightened Warriors has become a feeder guild to us!
06/12/06 New warriors have joined our ranks!
06/12/06 New "greeting system" shall now be implemented. (described under the note section above)Just say hello or something when you log on. It Would be much appreciated.
07/12/06 WAITING FOR --darkglute--'s GLORIOUS RETURN!
08/12/06 eutanato's GLORIOUS RETURN!
12/12/06 Gob or Larva dungeon on Friday!
16/12/06 The notorious spy earthswind has be ratted out. GOD SAVE THE GUILD!
18/12/06 New update coming in a few hours!!! some rules may be subject to change (code of conduct) with update. : /
18/12/06 Web site link added but don't bother going there, nothing there yet. :(
18/12/06 A new guild page on this wiki might be implemented; organizational friendly. For viewers like you!
21/12/06 Someone abused the guild exp right. If this happens again new laws will be put in place.(sorry for the one person ruining it for the rest of you)
27/12/06 Happy Birthday, Forbidden-Glyph-Mage!!!, where ever you are... on the outback.
30/12/06 welcome verryharry to our most glorious guild.
30/12/06 tetrous will take karahseeker's place as "officer" due to the fact of his inactivenes.

3/1/07 we celebrate the leader's glorious birthday!
7/1/07 anyone up for pet dungeon? (add your vote / opinion in the discussion page)
9/1/07 site face lift easier stuff
10/1/07 still looking for people for pet dungeon
11/1/07 karah has not returned so tetrous will just be a new officer

25/1/07 some issues with replacing officers

25/1/07 Possible merger with the glorious guild of the far west! ~ eternal ~ Stay posted for further information!!!

28/1/07 Current issue is to make a new guild with the one we are merging with (think up some guild names and put them on the discussion page)
29/1/07 Our Paddock have been returned!
29/1/07 Some rights and titles subject to change in merger (not shown yet but will be posted in the coming week)EX: officers may become protectors or treasures*
14/2/07 GUILD NAME: Fusion; GUILD COLORS: dark red & orange gold; GUILD MERGER: FEB 25th 4:00-11:00pm(EST) Sunday / DOFUS TIME: 18:00-5:00 24th-25th of flovor
23/2/07 2 Day's left for guild merger!
25/2/07 Guild merger postponed due to some difficulties
27/3/07 Reviving guild. Welcome all new member!
07/4/07 Now that we're picking up steam, hunt or dungeon run every weekend almost ensured!
14/4/07 Leader missed playing dofus this week do to a school event called FIRST. (robot competition. He is back and ready to play again.
30/4/07 Leader has been out because of a lot of school events. Will resume playing imidiatly.
1/5/07 Merger with War of Rebellion is happening this Saturday. Merger will ensure the awsomeness of dofus and a better guild with more activity.
12/28/08 Guild Update: Offically Inactive
12/28/08 Guild History: Guild merged successfully with WoR, we had a good run, internal strif dude to new leader missing, and fell apart months after. Those still active can be seen playing throughout the world of the twelve still promoting honor and justice throughout. "Glorious Leader" quit playing about 8 to 12 months ago.
12/28/08 Guild Update: Guild is dormant (no active players, but a character still olds it's place, and paddock)


Note: Guild xp right is now given when you reach 10,000 guild XP

3% guild xp tax until you reach 10,000 guild XP

Because of these new rules guild experience listed below is generally ignored for ranking up (leader has final say for ranking up)

  • On Trial -- F2P players in the guild.
  • Apprentice -- a guild member who reaches level 15.
  • Guard -- a guild member who reaches level 30 and has acquired 4000 guild experience.
  • Reservist -- a guild member who reaches level 40 and has acquired 10000 guild experience.
  • Protector -- a guild member who reaches level 60 may become a protector and has acquired 30000 guild experience. Protector may place and collect from percs. Protector may invite new members.
  • Right-hand-man -- a trusted member of the guild who has significantly improved the quality of the guild. Well informed members of the guild. May also run many guild activities. (usually lvl 60 and above)You will also get to learn the Guild Leader's name!
  • Leader -- only transferable between chevere-cra and his alts. only member to manage rights and banish players from the guild
  • Note: Some players maybe be ranked up early do to their contribution to the guild. Meaning the guild exp was ignored.

Profession LevelsEdit

  • Merchant -- a guild member who reaches level 60+ in 2 of their professions. They are the sources of revenue for the guild, and are expected to give a discount to their guild mates.
  • Craftsman -- a guild member who reaches level 100 in 2 of their professions. They are the sources of revenue for the guild, and are expected to give a discount to their guild mates.
  • Treasurer -- a guild member who has fund raised a copious amount of money for the guild is promoted to treasurer, alternate characters who have reached this may also become treasurers. Treasurers may invite new members.


  • Servant -- position for the alternate characters of players in the guild. To have an alternate character you need to give an additional 20,000 experience, for a third 50,000 exp.
  • Secretary -- position for the alternate character of the leader/officer in the guild.


  • Counselor -- are trusted members of the guild and know whats going on, but may not have the level, or guild exp for becoming officers. These are the people you may go to, to ask questions about the guild.
  • Breeder -- Breeds dragoturkeys for the guild.
  • Governor -- Owner of house or paddock.
  • Chosen One -- Those selected to become future officers. usually are highly trusted guild members and very active.


  • On Trial -- a new recruit, or a character a player planning on becoming p2p but are not yet.
  • Deserter -- a non active guild member, those who are not logged on at least once a month or have not given reason to their absence."Activeness" is measured by the amount of guild exp you give.


Note: all things in

  • blue mean rights given,
  • red means rights not given,
  • green means not sufficient(relies on other things like level, or guild exp refer to main page)for example a lvl 40 Treasurer will not have paddock rights but a lvl 60 one will, or will depend on good behavior and trust(for example the guard invite right).
~*Title*~ Manage the boosts Manage the rights Invite new members Bannish Manage the distribution of XP Manage the rank
Leader yes yes yes yes yes yes
Officer no no yes no yes yes
Protector no no yes no yes no
Reservist no no yes no yes no
Guard no no N/A no N/A no
Apprentice no no no no N/A no
On Trial no no no no N/A no
*Alternates* - - - - - -
Secretary yes yes yes yes yes yes
Servant N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

~*Title*~ Place collector Get kamas from collector Get items from collector Get resources from collector Use paddocks Fit out the paddocks Manage mounts of other members
Leader yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Officer yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Protector yes yes yes yes yes no no
Reservist yes yes yes yes no no no
Guard yes yes yes yes no no no
Apprentice no no no no no no no
On Trial no no no no no no no
*Alternates* - - - - - - -
Secretary yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Servant N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

~*Title*~ Guild house entrance Guild chest
Leader yes yes
Officer yes yes
Protector yes no
Reservist yes no
Guard yes no
Apprentice yes no
On Trial no no
*Alternates* - -
Secretary yes yes
Servant N/A N/A



This is for players in the guild that want to check our current reduced guild prices on certain items.

  • Sales from all items being sold by scoobydoofus or snakesonaplane goes to the Guild Treasury.These characters are now currently being run by chevere-cra.
  • Sales from all items bought from chevere-cra go to all sorts of guild needs.
  • 50% of Sales from all items bought from DimBebble- go guild paddock/breeding.
Item Trade Character
Bread 20% off market price Scoobydoofus
Nimbly Ring (100) 6,000 kamas snakesonaplane
Nimbly Ring (100) 125 gob saliva snakesonaplane
ash wood (200) 1,000 kamas chevere-cra
chestnut wood(100) 1,000 kamas chevere-cra
ash wood (3000) 20,000 kamas chevere-cra
super healing potion (100) 2,000 kamas chevere-cra
Superior Mini Healing Potion(100) 15% off market price DimBebble-
Ghetto Raid Potion(50) 15% off market price DimBebble-
100 mush mush spines 100 mushrooms DimBebble-

Guild ProfessionsEdit

chevere-cra - lumberjack, alchemist, bow carver, farmer, handyman
eutanato - miner, baker, hammer smith
pwanto - wand carver
goldtrix - lumberjack
enigma- - miner, baker, farmer, alchemist

Dragonturkey Acquirement

  • How to earn one
    • Be an active member in the guild
    • Contributions
      • Guild experience
      • Kamas donated when needed for paddock equipment(only request able by leader or officer)
      • Items donated when needed for paddock equipment(only request able by leader or officer)
  • The DT's (dragonturkey)name will be the name or version of the character's name in the guild and the initials of the Guild name(HC).
  • Those how have donated more have higher priority over others in receiving their own DT (dragonturkey).
  • Sometimes there may not be availability and sharing of a DT might take place temporarily.
  • All DT's are owned by the guild so if you wish leave the guild please return the DT so it can get reassigned to a new owner.
  • All or most of the training is done by the breeder and leader so you don't need to worry about raising your DT's stat points like stamina, love, maturity, and being in a balanced state.
  • Failure to comply with these rules of the DT will result termination from DT and paddock rights until re-evaluation of your persona. Depending on the seriousness of thy actions you maybe be expelled from the guild (example: taking the DT's and selling them.)

Paddock Edit

we own paddock(s) at: -13,1

  • rights to access paddock has been given to all active members (more to come)
  • 2 almond Dragonturkey's have been bought
  • 2 ginger dragonturkey's have been added thanks to karah

People to be honored


  • Purplemonster
  • Bugbear


  • scoobydoofus (800kk donated)


  • --darkglute-- (co-founder of guild)
  • Chevere-cra glorious leader, great friend. Raised Holy Chickadees since I remember (makes appearances)
  • yumyum (donated DT for paddock)non-guild member
  • karahseeker (40kk and 2 gingers)(no longer plays)
  • Fecal-Maters - stayed in the guild far over when the guild has disbanded (no longer plays)
  • Eutanato (100k guild exp)(Still active)

Guild pictures