Guild Name - Hikaru Ukatsu

Means - To Shine Stupidity

Created - September 2009

Levels - Ranging from level 3 up until about 150+

Leader - Kiyae (Kiyiishi)

Race - Feca

Description - Our guild is made up of a random bunch of people, who are currently my friends of 3-4 years. If willing to join, PM my character. The guild is currently leveling and I will try to keep it updated on here. We are willing to accept new members. We're a friendly guild, like a family, we're always there for eachother, whether it's advice about the game, help leveling, tips, or personal matters outside of the game. We tend to be random and we'll have days where we burst out into tons of different topics, most of which make no sense. We try to keep eachother happy every day. We're a bright bunch, trying to cheer our Guild Family up with its random outbursts.

A special thanks to Galrauch for helping set up this page a tad n.n arigato!