About us Edit

Formed by the former Foxtrot (Now Chrysanthos) of Black Euphoria after more than a 2 year absence in Dofus. Currently is an upcoming guild of which is still being built from scratch. Alignment of this group of individuals is still undecided as of yet, so patrons of all backgrounds are permitted to join. Membership is on an honor system basis at the moment to allow for the guild to build in strength, therefore there is no required level as of yet (although, we like to keep it at the very least 20+). Our focus is to build the wealth necessary to purchase all things associated with a guild. Houses, paddocks, etc. We do so by organizing drop hunts and farming, helping our members out in the process and gaining experience as well as getting to know one another. If you are interested in joining us, please PM Chrysanthos or Lysimachus for more details.

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