about the guild Edit

the guild is a fun place to be, we are usually having at least one person on line, we don't care about leveling the guild, we just want you to have fun

rules Edit

swear will not be tolerated, you will have one warning and then have punishment number one (you will have no rights and be a on trail for a few days), agressing other members has zero tolerance, you will have no warnings and have punishment number one, if you do it again you will face number 2 (fined), no banning without the leaders permission (only a few have the right), if you do it will be punishment number four (you will start over with few rights and is on trail). Even though we have strict rules don't let then stop you from having fun

punishments Edit

if you do a bad thing you will be punished, there are 4 punishments.

  1. you will have no rights and be on a bad rank for a few days
  2. you will be fined
  3. you will be kicked out of this guild
  4. you will start out with no or few rights and is on trail

member to pm if you want to join Edit

pm me (-dove-) or (i-am-your-prophecy) or (byakugen) or if you find anyone running around ask them

ranks and rights Edit

you can join at level 12

  • on trail: level 15- (inviting members and placing collectors)
  • apprentice level 15-21 (on trail + choosing xp)
  • treasurer level 30-38 (apprentice + all collector rights and managing boosts)
  • second-in-command level 38+(treasurer + managing ranks and paddlock rights)

good friend (chosen one, or governor) (all rights, has the same power as leader)

other rights (managing rights and ban) will be giving if you are trustworthy or the easy was be a friend in real life

other ranks Edit

good friend (chosen one, or governor) (all rights, has the same power as leader)

fast leveler (servant) (most or all rights, must be give lots of xp)

code of conduct Edit

all members able must protect a collector no matter the odds

no rights abuse!

members will be kicked if inactive for 3 weeks

no disrespecting other people

no begging in the guild chat.

upcoming events Edit

leaders Edit

byakugan (chosen one)

-dove- (leader)