Right Hand Men: Edit

  • TheHeroofTimeDrunk Lv. 51
  • Asbrand Lv. 44

Requirements: Edit

Your level must be 20 or more. Your Alignment must be Brakmar or Neutral.

Ranking: Edit

The Ranks for the Hellsing Institution Are:
  • On Trial: New members are on Trial until they rank is Chosen.
  • Apprentice: Lower Level Members.
  • Manufacturer: Profession Lv.50 or more, high priority on Perceptor Resources.
  • Treasurer: Co-Founder but could Change.
  • Scout: Average Members, Leveling or Gaining Exp to Perform another Rank.
  • Right Hand Man: Highest Place on the Guild. Only Brakmar with Alignment Lv.20 or More and Joined to an Order. (The Order is Free to Choose)

Joining Hellsing Institution: Edit

Any Brakmar or Neutral member can join the Guild, Even F2P. Also every member can invite new people when they pass the Approval.

Experience: Edit

The Basic XP for all the members is 5%. You can get Higher % if you Like.

Language: Edit

Current Officers Speak English and Spanish.