12-years old finnish boy think, that he want to be a leader of the guild. Then he created the guild "Hell Power". Then he started recruiting, and get quite a lot people. But after two or three weeks, he was see that the players in guild are not active. Then he decide, that he ban all players of the guild and start again, like a new guild.

Then started a "new" Hell Power-guild. He start recruiting again, and found some loyal players. Hell Power was alive again.

Requirements Edit

You must be lvl 30+, english speaking, VERY loyal to guild and VERY active. ALL finnish players can get to the guild.

How to join? Edit

Contact to players batac, Broklemaster, Alfredthepro, Shield-masters, Best-Black , Abo-sadi, Ficetoneornado-Kirby or Bigboss-Pandala.

Rules Edit

If you kill own guild people for fun, you have banned to guild. If you steal kamas, things or anything for your own guild people, you have banned to guild. If someone don't follow rules, he/she have banned to guild.

Rank Table Edit

  • Second in command= Very Trusted
  • Treasurer= lvl 100+ and trusted or lvl 150+
  • Protector= lvl 100+
  • Craftsman= lvl 70+ and trusted
  • Reservist= lvl 70+
  • Servant= lvl 50+ and trusted
  • Guard= lvl 50+
  • Scout= lvl 40+ and trusted
  • Spy= lvl 40+
  • Diplomat= lvl 35-39
  • Secretary= lvl 30-34
  • Treasure Hunter= lvl 25-29
  • Thief= lvl 20-24
  • Murderer= lvl 15-19
  • Recruiting Officer= Very good recruiter
  • Chosen One= lvl 10-14
  • Guide= lvl 5-9
  • On Trial= lvl 4 or less

Hell Power Academy Edit

  • Leader= Gene Simmons
  • Reguirements= Must be very active and loyal.