About Us Edit

Created September 2007.

We are a fun and sort of active guild. We now have a paddock.

News Edit

• Xeneya is in London! Xeneya had finals! Sorry I haven't been on!

Requirements Edit

We are currently accepting level 20+ F2Ps and 15+ P2Ps.
We also have an issue with rude people, be be nice or at least fake it. :)
If you wish to join, please contact xxxslashxxx or Xeneya, or if you contact a player you've met that is in the guild they'll let us know.

Ranking System Edit

New Members- You will be "On Trial" until you contribute 1000 guild experience. You will be required to contribute at least 5% experience.
1k Contributers- Your new rank is "Apprentice". You gain the rights to invite new guild members and change your experience percentage.
10k Contributers- You are now "Protector". You can now place and collect from collectors.