Heartless Sinners is a recent guild, made on February 23, 2007. The leader Hyacintha was the commander in Heartless until she decided to make her own guild.

As of August 9, 2007, Hyacintha has disbanded Heartless Sinners and gave the Leadership over to an alternative character, Melantha. However, the guild is no longer 'active' in any means.

It was a great short 5 months with the loyal sinners.


At first, just like any other guild, Heartless Sinners, wants to be THE best. However, the goal has been adjusted. We want to have fun. Heartless Sinners, realized that being the best is no longer the greatest or happiest goal on Dofus. But having fun is. Dofus is a game where we meet many people from around the world, why not take advantage of that and socialize?


  1. Respect guildies/enemies/allies
  2. Insult on another members' race, social background, and sexual orientation is NOT tolerated
  3. No aggression among members (unless both sides agrees on the aggression) **whats a little fight among members*

You have to be

  • Lvl 10+
  • Humorous
  • Fun

PM Hyacintha, Sargent, Ish, or Ultimate-Luck if interested.

Being a Heartless SinnerEdit

Those that join are given the automatic rights of:

  • Managing your own Exp
  • Placing a Collector
  • Collecting Resources, items, and kamas from a Collector

All other rights will be given depending on the time you're in the guild, the exp given, and the trust between member and leader.

Being in Heartless Sinners does not mean that you have to be a homicidal maniac. I just happen to like the name. It's a rapidly growing guild with many lvl 30's, and lvl 40's. We don't usually do dungeon runs or organize hunts. (We're hoping to fix that soon). But we do chat... a lot. We have our arguments and in fact some of us don't even like each other. However, we're apart of the same guild and in that way we are connected.